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Aug 12, 2013 6:00am EDT
: ♪ gonna read the dog tales mail dana from lancaster, pennsylvania , writes, "our 2-year-old yellow lab "abe" watches dog tales with my husband and me in bed every week. he is such a good dog! abe has a doggie door, so he can get the newspaper and bring it inside to us. he still acts like a puppy most of the time and is completely food driven. sandra from windsor, ontario, canada, tells us, "'bebe' is our 10-month-old shih tzu. she's the most loving, adorable puppy i have every known. the first thing she does in the morning is go right to the cupboard where her treats are. she starts nodding her head to open it so she can have a chicken strip! and july from fairborn, ohio, writes, "every day my class and i see 'fergie' when she comes to school. fergie is our therapy dog and helps us to be calm. she walks with us and stands at the crosswalk. i love to see her every day. man: ♪ dog tales mail alex: you can contact us at and that's all for today. thanks for watching. here's what's coming up. [bark] alex: on the next dog tales, learn about french bull dogs,
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1